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Thursday, April 13, 2006

What is in a name?

I guess I will start by letting everyone know a little about me.

My name is Katherine. For those you are interested, the name means "pure," and "Virginal." Whenever I let people in on its meaning, many laughs follow. One wonders.

I like to be called Masita. I guess it all started when my cousin began to refer to me as masita due to my round cheecks and chubby self. I learned to love the nick name and I prefer to be called so now. Hmm...I guess I get a better reaction to the meaning of masita than the meaning of Katherine.

You guys can actually called me Katherine, Kathy, Kate, Kath, Masita, Masita Paradise. I am kind of used to many of those by now. One must adjust. However, I do prefer Masita or Katherine.

More about me to come...


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