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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Rainy days make me think of my ex. I guess that I love to torture myself. So I decided to make a list of the reasons why I miss him and those why not being with him is much healthier for me. Here it goes:

10 reasons why I miss him:
1) The great kisses and company.
2) Our dates and fun out in the city.
3) The holding of hands at Bryant part during summer and fall time.
4) Running my fingers through his long silky hair.
5) His sense of humor, he is the funniest Korean alive not even Margaret Cho can beat him.
6) Going to Brooklyn to see him.
7) Talking to him on the phone.
8) The feeling of being love and protected
9) Iron Chef Korean
10) Extra large Trojans

10 reasons why being with him is not and was not healthy

1) The constant criticism of my weight. Do you really need to eat that?
2) The way his mother keeps pushing him to marry a good Korean girl.
3) Not knowing his friends.
4) The many hundreds of dollars that I gave him to help him through his starving artist stage.
5) The way he used to make me feel like I was not up there with his standards.
6)The many times I cried because of him
7) The resentment he felt towards me because I had a JOB and he did not.
8) Being his sugar mommy!
9) Not getting enough sex. (yes, I said it)
10) His mother.

10 reasons I am healthier without him:
1) Losing so much weight due to support from everyone.
2) Feeling confident and full of energy
3) Going to new places around the city.
4) Dating and dating!
5) Making out with the hottest Colombian guy while on Subway.
6) Being carefree.
7) Actually saving my $$$$.
8) Vacations
9) Self-pleasure
10) No more 2 hour trips to Brooklyn.
11) life is good ***

I guess I need to actually keep myself from thinking about him during rainy days. Just venting!

*I know that I said 10 things but hey I could not help but add one more :-)


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