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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Many things

I guess that I am posting too much for my first day. However, I wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter. I off tomorrow so it makes me so very happy.

I will be going to cafe Wha? Here in NYC with my good friend Gisselle and Vivian (who is visiting from DR). Cafe Wha? Is a very nice place to hear live music. Their band is great and I always have a great time when I go. Wish me luck tomorrow!

On another note, work has been crazy. I mean not too much to do but everyone hates the supervisor. I admit he drives me absolutely nuts but I cannot bring myself to hate anyone, not even him, not even BUSH. Man, I now know what it feels to work under a military regime though. If he would only get a clue!
A group of us will actually go and talk to he big boss about him. I hope everything turns out well. Any advice?

Things he says under his great micro management style::
1) Is that an U? The big boss* will not understand that.
2) Your style is not sophisticated enough
3) I Am the supervisor, I delegate things.**

I am sure that I will think of many others.

Things he does:
1) follow you to your office or cubicle before you take off your coat or even sit down to of course tell you something super negative just to make your day so freaking great.
2) He loves doing # 1 on Mondays especially.
3) Uses the internet all through his lunch in the only PC with internet, and no one can even check their email.

*The big bosses' name will not be mentioned. He is very internet savvy!
**Delegating according to the supervisor: sitting his ass down in front of his PC and do nothing or better yet get up every two minutes to see what we are doing.


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