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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Cancun Vacation

My friend Gisselle and I spent almost 5 hours trying to book a trip to Cancun. We finally did and we are so happy. I cannot wait till July!

I truly love the beach!

I want to travel to Europe though.


Friday, April 14, 2006

Still rainy here in NYC. I have to admit that yesterday was actually very nice until later on in the evening. It was a warm spring day and I got to see so many tulips. Tulips are my favorite flower. I adore them.

I got a phone call from an ex of mine. Not the one I was actually thinking about yesterday. This guy's name is Gus. He was actually 19 years older than me when we started going out. I was a college student at a small Jesuit school in Syracuse, NY. I had no car, no money, and I was in a setting where many times I felt uncomfortable and disabled.

Disabled? Why many people asked when I tell them. Well, I am happy to explain. I was in college in a strange town and my english was so limited it is actually a miracle that I made it out of there and got a college degree. I came to the USA in 1997. I started College in 1998. I, my friends, had the biggest accent (some say that I still do), was far away from home, did not know many people and had to walk around with a dictionary in order to undersand what was going on. I felt disabled in the sense that I could not communicate my feelings. I wanted to say so much and yet could not.
I was lucky to improved and to actually get to know all the people that I did get to know. Gus was one of them. He was much older than me, but very gentle. Had his own house (providing an escape from the campus), and because of him I was able to complete my intership. YES, Gus picked me up three times a week at 6:30 in the morning so we could drive 1/2 an hour to the county prison where I was doing my intership. I AM THANKFUL for that.

I however grew tired of Gus' cheap ways. (I will elaborate more on this on another post) and by the time I graduated I did not care much about having a boyfriend. My family loved him, especially my father after all, He was marriage potential for me. I was at the time 21 and my father was eager to marry me off. Too bad, I am still single.
I broke Gus' heart the same day I graduated. My family packed all my college crap, got into the mini van, and allowed me to say bye to Gus. I gave him a huge hug and said thank you. He gave me $500 as a graduation present. And then it happened. TEARS. Lots of them. He cried and held me so tied, asked me not to go. I , however, had made up my mind. I need it to go away from Syracuse. I was tired of the samll town. I was tired of him counting pennies.

I was never able to actually spend the $500 dollars he gave me that day. Being the cheapest man alive, I know that it was a token of his love. I still have the money, the same bills. Call me weird. But that money is the greatest love letter I ever received.

Anyway, Funny how life is. He called to tell me that rainy days reminded him of me and what could've been. And here I was thinking about Gerald. I guess that those who break hearts get their heart broken too.
I want to thank GUS for the support he provided me with. Thank him because he loved me with the most intense love. I want to ask him to forgive me for being a little childish at the time.

He was the first real love that I experienced and I want him to be happy.

Enough for now.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My father's worries

My father was sitting in the couch watching TV when I walked in tired from work. He looked at me with the saddest face ever. THEN:

Him: Your window of opportunity is closing very soon.
Me: Good afternoon to you too.
Him: only 8 more months.
Me: What?
Him: I mean only 8 more months till you'll be 26.
Me: aha.. Thanks for reminding me
Him: I was telling your mom that you will be an old maid if we don't do something about it.
Me: No, perhaps I will just be a lesbian. It is more in style.
Him: you got no respect. I am only thinking of your future.
Me: I still got time. Women are having babies well into their 40's.
Him: oh, I see I must be dead for you to want to procreate.
Me: .... ?
Him: I expect a grandchild by the time I am 81. It is not a request, it is a command.
Me:YES SIR! (as I walked away)

My dear friends my old, old father thinks that I will never marry. You see I am from Central America (DR). I was to be married already. I mean a girl passed 23 and not married? What in the world is that? My dear old pops will be turning 80 this May 13th. He wants me to give him a grandchild very soon be exact , he requested that I'll do so before his 81st birthday. He thinks that I will have a baby only after this death. After all, I was the most rebellious child he had. I liked to eat pass dinner time! I took too many long baths. I only liked to read. Oh, I was so very rebelious. And please do not forget about the time that actually had a beer in his presence.

He had me when he was 54 almost 55. I was the 9th child. Yet, I grew up as an only child. He has many grand kids and even great grand kids. I guess I should be so kind as to give him another. When I tell him that he has enough, he says well do it for your mom. It will actually be her first, but she is only 55. I guess she has more time.

What should I do? And to think that the window will be closing in 8 months is kind of liberating.

Shoot, I should start procreating, though the lesbian thing is more appealing*

*Absolutely no plans to offend anyone reading!


NATURE is what we see,

The Hill, the Afternoon—

Squirrel, Eclipse, the Bumble-bee,

Nay—Nature is Heaven.

Nature is what we hear,

The Bobolink, the Sea—

Thunder, the Cricket—

Nay,—Nature is Harmony.

Nature is what we know

But have no art to say,

So impotent our wisdom is

To Her simplicity.


Rainy days make me think of my ex. I guess that I love to torture myself. So I decided to make a list of the reasons why I miss him and those why not being with him is much healthier for me. Here it goes:

10 reasons why I miss him:
1) The great kisses and company.
2) Our dates and fun out in the city.
3) The holding of hands at Bryant part during summer and fall time.
4) Running my fingers through his long silky hair.
5) His sense of humor, he is the funniest Korean alive not even Margaret Cho can beat him.
6) Going to Brooklyn to see him.
7) Talking to him on the phone.
8) The feeling of being love and protected
9) Iron Chef Korean
10) Extra large Trojans

10 reasons why being with him is not and was not healthy

1) The constant criticism of my weight. Do you really need to eat that?
2) The way his mother keeps pushing him to marry a good Korean girl.
3) Not knowing his friends.
4) The many hundreds of dollars that I gave him to help him through his starving artist stage.
5) The way he used to make me feel like I was not up there with his standards.
6)The many times I cried because of him
7) The resentment he felt towards me because I had a JOB and he did not.
8) Being his sugar mommy!
9) Not getting enough sex. (yes, I said it)
10) His mother.

10 reasons I am healthier without him:
1) Losing so much weight due to support from everyone.
2) Feeling confident and full of energy
3) Going to new places around the city.
4) Dating and dating!
5) Making out with the hottest Colombian guy while on Subway.
6) Being carefree.
7) Actually saving my $$$$.
8) Vacations
9) Self-pleasure
10) No more 2 hour trips to Brooklyn.
11) life is good ***

I guess I need to actually keep myself from thinking about him during rainy days. Just venting!

*I know that I said 10 things but hey I could not help but add one more :-)

Many things

I guess that I am posting too much for my first day. However, I wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter. I off tomorrow so it makes me so very happy.

I will be going to cafe Wha? Here in NYC with my good friend Gisselle and Vivian (who is visiting from DR). Cafe Wha? Is a very nice place to hear live music. Their band is great and I always have a great time when I go. Wish me luck tomorrow!

On another note, work has been crazy. I mean not too much to do but everyone hates the supervisor. I admit he drives me absolutely nuts but I cannot bring myself to hate anyone, not even him, not even BUSH. Man, I now know what it feels to work under a military regime though. If he would only get a clue!
A group of us will actually go and talk to he big boss about him. I hope everything turns out well. Any advice?

Things he says under his great micro management style::
1) Is that an U? The big boss* will not understand that.
2) Your style is not sophisticated enough
3) I Am the supervisor, I delegate things.**

I am sure that I will think of many others.

Things he does:
1) follow you to your office or cubicle before you take off your coat or even sit down to of course tell you something super negative just to make your day so freaking great.
2) He loves doing # 1 on Mondays especially.
3) Uses the internet all through his lunch in the only PC with internet, and no one can even check their email.

*The big bosses' name will not be mentioned. He is very internet savvy!
**Delegating according to the supervisor: sitting his ass down in front of his PC and do nothing or better yet get up every two minutes to see what we are doing.


I am not so good with technology but here are a few pictures of me:

More about me!

I should start by saying that I am not from the USA and that my grammar, as well as my spelling might suck big time. If you are actually entertained and don't mind please keep on reading.

Things about me:

I am single. I am 25 and originally from the Dominican Republic. I speak english and spanish and love french. I am currently living in NYC. I work in the non-profit sector making close to nothing and depression arrives every other Thursday when I actually get paid less than what Uncle Sam takes in Taxes.

I am an avid reader, but I mostly read in Spanish. I have my favorites, but I am an equal opportunity reader. I read everything. Things such as newspapers, magazines, books, comics,blogs to electronic manuals.

I watch way too much TV and go way to much to the movies. By the way, did you guys know that movies are now $11 freaking dollars in NYC? One must be so selective.

I am in the process of losing weight. But hey please keep on calling me masita. I have two tattoos, people are always surprised to find out.
Must people first think that I am either a hardcore church going young woman or a serious boring gal. That is until they actually get to talk to me and learn to understand what I say. Oh, that reminds me of the heavy Dominican accent that I do possess. I promise to blog something on audio for your pleasure.

Anyway, I decided to start to write my feelings for everyone to read because someone's blog ( actually inspired me. He might never know it, but perhaps sharing my crazy feelings might actually make me understand things better.

This is all for now. More to come!

What is in a name?

I guess I will start by letting everyone know a little about me.

My name is Katherine. For those you are interested, the name means "pure," and "Virginal." Whenever I let people in on its meaning, many laughs follow. One wonders.

I like to be called Masita. I guess it all started when my cousin began to refer to me as masita due to my round cheecks and chubby self. I learned to love the nick name and I prefer to be called so now. Hmm...I guess I get a better reaction to the meaning of masita than the meaning of Katherine.

You guys can actually called me Katherine, Kathy, Kate, Kath, Masita, Masita Paradise. I am kind of used to many of those by now. One must adjust. However, I do prefer Masita or Katherine.

More about me to come...